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F. Edlich, Dresden Castle at Night, 1870s� 
F. Edlich,
Dresden Castle at Night, 1870's.
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Payne Jennings,
Yew Trees in the Lake District, England, 1880.

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Scissors by G. Wilkinson, from The Art journal illustrated catalogue, London, 1851.<br />Via
Scissors by G. Wilkinson, from The Art journal illustrated catalogue, London, 1851.
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THE PARTY I&#8217;M HAVING NOW THAT TUMBLR&#8217;S BACK.The amusements of fashionable society&#8212;competitors at a &#8220;soap-bubble party&#8221; contesting for prizes Wood engraving originally published in Frank Leslie&#8217;s Illustrated Newspaper from Nov. 25, 1882.

The amusements of fashionable society—competitors at a “soap-bubble party” contesting for prizes.
Wood engraving originally published in Frank Leslie’s Illustrated Newspaper from Nov. 25, 1882.

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Frederick Evans,
Lincoln Cathedral viewed from the castle,1898.
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Ship grounded on Dog Island by 1899 hurricane.
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Parlor in the Bass House
Dr. Edward A.Bass,
Parlor in the Bass House,
The parlor in the home of Dr. Edward Bass showing a parlor organ near a window, and other furnishings,
Montello, Wisconsin ,
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  Frederick Boissonnas (1858-1946 ),
Faust dans son laboratoire, 1896.
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Frederick H. Evans,
View from the Tapestry Room, Kelmscott Manor, 1896.
(From Impressionist Camera: Pictorial Photography in Europe, 1888-1918)
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Edmund David Lyon,
Temple Gate, Tarputry, Bellary, India, 1868.
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G.J. Phot
Etude, lever du soleil, 1875.
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 Сэмюэл Лэнгхорн Клеменс
в квартире Николы Тесла, Нью-Йорк, 1894.
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J.J. Grandville (1803-1847),
 "A Dream of Crime & Punishment / Преступление и наказание", 1847.

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Жан Иньяс Изидор Гранвиль (настоящая фамилия Жерар, фр. Jean Ignace Isidore Gerard, по прозвищу Grandville) — французский рисовальщик-иллюстратор.

 Гранвиль занимает первое место в истории французской карикатуры
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Gustave Le Gray,
" Seashore and Clouds, Sete", 1857.

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Roger Fenton (British, 1819–1869),
"Rievaulx Abbey", 1854.


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Белое и черное — это цвета фотографии. Для меня они символизируют надежду и отчаяние.
-Роберт Франк-

Жизнь - кинематограф, смерть - фотография.
Фотографировать значит обрамлять, обрамлять значит исключать.
-Сьюзан Зонтаг-

Удел фотографа — непрерывно исчезающие вещи. И когда они уходят, никакая изобретательность, ничто на свете не заставит их вернуться.
-Анри Картье-Брессон-

Louis Lafon (French,  late 19th century),
Tubular Jetty, Mouth of the Adour, Port of Bayonne, 1892.

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Onesipe Aguado (1827–1894),
Woman Seen from the Back, 1862.

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Beato Felice (1825-1904),
"Two Japanese Theater Actors in the Traditional Costumes", 1865.

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Charles Negre ( 1820–1880),
"The Refectory of the Imperial Asylum at Vincennes", 1858–59.


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